Hello all glyn here with some questions.

fred perry mr_glyn at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 10:30:27 EDT 2003

My name is glyn and i have some questions. i'm using 1.1.1.

I'm creating a touchscreen application and i need help on a few things...

1)     On one of my screens i have multiple text fields. As it's touch 
screen i have an onscreen keyboard.
I know i can give each field 'focus' by touching the relevant field. But how 
can i enter text into each field independant of eachother??

2)     I can write to text files easily but i would like to have a strutured 
output. IE

ITEM A           £9.00
ITEM AA         £2.30
ITEM AND HS      .90

how can i get this? as all its comeing out with at the moment is...

ITEM A£9.00
ITEM AA£2.30

but there is a catch to this problem. the text is imported from another .TXT 
file per item. which the .TXT file is created on screen. so every item will 
have a different length. unknown until the user puts in the name of the 

3)     Thanks in advance.

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