mysterious About... menu

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Oct 19 10:53:43 EDT 2003

Hi listers,

can someone please shed some light on this phenomenon?

OS X only!

When you don't supply a menubar in your standalone, the APP-menu will
of course appear and have a nice "Quit xyz" menuitem***, but there is 
"About..." AND it is ALWAYS in english!!!

(*** Even in your, non-english language, if you use a "Language.lproj"
dummy folder in your "Resources" folder inside the app-bundle.
Drop a line if you need more info about this handy little X trick :-)

I guess it is an engine issue, since i already experienced this in the
first X version of MetaCard...

Hardcoded in the engine? Apple's fault? Aliens attack?

Does someone know if this is already "bugzilla"-d?

Bigzilla is still down... :-(
(Too much bugs? ;-)

Thanks in advance...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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