Saving to a Stack

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Oct 19 07:41:47 EDT 2003

Hi Greg,

> Klaus and Rob
> Thanks for your complete answers. I now know far more than I think I 
> should be aloud to!!!


("Who are the brain-police?" F.Z. ;-)

> I have gone back to OS 9 to make it simple to start with. With a bit 
> of reworking I can now
> access the sub stack in the application. But the sub stack is not 
> being saved. Do I have it
> right that with the mainstack open I can save stuff to the sub stack 
> in the "Data" folder? With;
> save stack "data/DataCollector"

No no, once the stack has been opened you just need to

save stack "DataCollector"

and the stack will know by itself where it has to be saved ;-)

> Thanks
> Greg

Have a lazy sunday... :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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