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Alex Rice alex at
Sun Oct 19 06:05:09 EDT 2003

On Saturday, October 18, 2003, at 10:57  AM, rand valentine wrote:

>  Hi, all. I noticed a problem when I tried to google the list archive 
> in my
> normal fashion, e.g., entering into the google search field:
> icons
>  Well, google produces a nice list, but when you click on the link 
> google
> provide, it doesn't link to the appropriate message. Now the links 
> look like
> this:
> 2003-April/004592.html
>  So we see that messages are stored by year-month/ and then a number, 
> such
> as 004562, above. But somehow the new system has massively screwed 
> this up.
> Is there a way around this, or is it being fixed? thanks.

I don't know what could be massively screwed up about it. I don't think 
the URL format for the mailing list archive has changed. What is the 
difference between the google URLs and the actual URLs?

BTW you can try my mailing list search at

The message index on my search interface was out of date, for other 
reasons, it didn't have September or October messages. However, I fixed 
it this evening and it should remain up to date now.

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