Rev2.1 Bug on a Dell Inspiron and some Dell Desktops - bugzilla #794

Barry Levine themacguy at
Sat Oct 18 12:29:38 EDT 2003


Agreed. I hope my post didn't come across as "scolding". It was simply 
a warning about the problem and how to avoid it (either stay with 2.0.3 
or don't deploy on a Dell). I've got schools full of Dells so I'm back 
to using v2.0.3 until another revision beyond 2.1.1 is out...and its 
"read me" says that they've addressed the problem.)

As for the QT problems: I've seen some PCs that have had their QT 
settings overridden by the Windoze media settings. In some of these 
cases, returning the QT settings to play most everything it can (rather 
than WMP) seems to fix it. I've reinstalled QT in the other misbehaving 
PCs and most of those now play QT media in my stacks properly. I am 
thinking that the Windoze media settings "hijack" QuickTime in some 
manner. Of course, this is just an educated guess and YMMV.


On Saturday, Oct 18, 2003, at 10:00 America/Denver, Kurt wrote:

> From: Kurt Kaufman <kkaufman at>
> Subject: Rev2.1 Bug on a Dell Inspiron and some Dell Desktops -
> 	bugzilla	#794
> ...snip...
> As an aside:
> I have to admit that I don't know how the Rev team can keep up with all
> of these problems; at least where Apple Computer is concerned there is
> a limited number of expected hardware configurations.  How could Rev be
> expected to predict how Win_OS_x would work on Hardware_y  (and in this
> case using QT_version_z!) ??

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