Activating a button script when not in browse mode

Ken Ray kray at
Sat Oct 18 13:09:09 EDT 2003


If you can put the button into a palette, the palette will have a
different "tool" than the stack you're operating on. So you can have a
browse tool on the palette, but an a select tool on the card you're
attempting to operate on.

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> Subject: Activating a button script when not in browse mode
> This must be easy since it works in the IDE itself, but I 
> can't see how to 
> do the following:
> I want to create a button on a card that operates on a 
> selected object on 
> another card (this is to set certain custom props of the 
> object as part of 
> my development process - I need to do this a lot, so I wanted 
> to automate 
> it to some extent). I can easily create and script the button, but of 
> course I can only select an object when I'm out of browse 
> mode (when the 
> cursor is an arrow), and then the button won't fire. I've 
> tried sending 
> 'mouseUp' to my button via the message box, but this doesn't 
> seem to work.
> Can anyone explain how the trick can be done?
> Graham
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