Saving to a Stack

Greg Wills gwills at
Sat Oct 18 08:48:12 EDT 2003

Welcome back everyone!

Could some kind sole please give me a hand with the process of saving 
updated information into a field in a standalone substack. I have read 
a number of items on the subject, but I am the type of leaner that has 
to do it by example and then I get it. (I haven't got it yet.)

I have put together a very simple stack to run my test. Could someone 
please give me some guidance to his wayward son!!

Here is what I have - that does not work.

Main stack - "InfoStack" with a field where data is entered - 
Substack - "DataCollector" with a field to hold updated data - "Holder"

In the mainstack  script I have;

on preOpenStack
   set the stackFiles of this stack to "DataCollector" -- is this 
end preOpenStack

On a Mainstack  card with the field "Masterfield" I have a button with 
the script; -- to put added data into the "Holder" field in the sub 
stack "DataCollector".

on mouseUp
   put field "Masterfield" into field "Holder" of stack "DataCollector"
   save stack "DataCollector"
end mouseUp

On the same card there is another button to update this field 
"Masterfield" from the saved state of the substack.

on mouseUp
   put field "Holder" of stack "DataCollector" into field "Masterfield" 
of this card
end mouseUp

This works fine in Rev but not as a standalone.

When I build a Distribution I have checked "Automaticaly set stackfiles 
on mainstack", "Move substacks into individual files" and "Create 
folder for sub stacks" (data). I imagined that the substack, 
"DataCollector" would be put into the "data" folder in this build - but 
it doesn't. Is this right?

(Using Rev 2.0.2, Mac OSX)

I am missing something I know, but don't now what.

Thanks in advance.


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