Rev2.1 Bug on a Dell Inspiron and some Dell Desktops - bugzilla #794

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Sat Oct 18 09:50:54 EDT 2003

Well, this has nothing to do with the visual bug you mention, but my 
stack also does "funny" things on Dell laptops:  MIDI file playback 
through QT sometimes results in a horrible scratching sound instead of 
the expected pitches.  This happens on-and-off, but will always happen 
at least a few times each time the program is run (MIDI Builder Rev. 
2.1 standalone for Windows, running on XP Pro).

As an aside:
I have to admit that I don't know how the Rev team can keep up with all 
of these problems; at least where Apple Computer is concerned there is 
a limited number of expected hardware configurations.  How could Rev be 
expected to predict how Win_OS_x would work on Hardware_y  (and in this 
case using QT_version_z!) ??


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