docs vs. experience - 'start using' (Phil Davis)

Marty Billingsley marty at
Sat Oct 18 00:00:04 EDT 2003

> From: "Phil Davis" <davis.phil at>
> I notice that the Rev docs about the 'start using' command describe only the
> script library aspects of the command. They say nothing about how 'start
> using' also gives the 'using' stack access to images stored in the 'used'
> stack.
> Example:
> - Stack B contains image ID 3333
> - Stack A contains no images
> In Stack A:
> on openStack
>   start using stack "B"
>   set the icon of btn 1 to 3333
> end openStack
> This works. It also worked in MC for as long as I can remember.
> My Big Question:
> Is it a bug, or an undocumented feature? More precisely, is it likely to go
> away once discovered by the Rev Dev Team, or be documented, or be left
> unaddressed?
> I would like to use this capability but don't know if I safely dare.

In HyperCard if you did a 'start using' you had access to all of the
resources in that stack.  I had just assumed that RunRev followed that
model and have been using it that way.  My vote is for for "feature" --
it's somewhat anagous to using include libraries in other programming
languages and makes reusing code pretty easy.

  - marty

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