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>FMoyer at wrote:
>> I am confused by everyone's responses. I am experiencing the same thing
>> John. But that is the way it has always been -- in Hypercard, in Metacard
>> in 
>> all versions I've used of Revolution. If you have 10 lines in fld "test"
>> type 
>> delete line 3 of fld "test"
>> you still have 10 lines; the only difference is that line 3 is blank.
>That's not how it works in HyperCard, Rev, or any of the xTalks as far
>as I
>can recall.  After being mystified by this thread I double-checked both
>and HyperCard.
>To get the blank line you'd use:
>  put empty into line 3 of fld "test"
Wow! I learn something new everyday! I misread John's email. I honestly 
didn't know you could just type 
    delete line 3 of fld "test"
and get rid of the whole line and the carriage return. Besides feeling 
stupid, I'm overjoyed that I don't have to go to such ridiculous lengths to delete a 
line and keep textstyles intact.

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