Rev2.1 Bug on a Dell Inspiron and some Dell Desktops - bugzilla #794

Barry Levine themacguy at
Fri Oct 17 12:23:02 EDT 2003

(This is a re-post compilation of three messages that didn't get to the 
list while it was down.)

After much teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling, I've narrowed down the 
cause of the bizarre display of text fields on a Dell Inspiron (and 
some Dell desktop models, #'s unknown at this moment).

Rev 2.1.x on Windows (and Windows distributions built from either 
MacOSX or Windows versions of that revision) pushes the line of text up 
beyond the top of the field as soon as you specify a font and size. 
Clicking the "fixed line height" moves the text down but only a few 
points - not enough to rectify the problem.

The same problem (text moving -way- "north") is apparent in all types 
of buttons, as well, as soon as you create the button.

Additionally, the menubar (on Windows) seems to be missing except for a 
one or two point "line" that appears at the top of where the menubar 
should be. Clicking where the menu should be drops down -something- but 
when you move your mouse down to a menu item (no text!), a blue 
"selection bar" appears across the entire width of the screen. The menu 
items are selectable and do call the handlers.

A distribution that works perfectly on my ShuttlePC, a Gateway desktop 
and an older Dell (PII/400) will have the display issues on a Dell 
Inspiron 2600. I've been told of other Dells in the Region Ed Service 
Ctr and Canutillo ISD (here in Texas) that exhibit this problem, as 
well. I thought it might be a bad "ghost" installer that Dell might 
have used on all these units (they were purchased around the same time 
with a "custom load set" by Dell), but installing a fresh copy of 
W2KPro & QT makes no difference. I hope to have the model #'s of these 
Dells by Monday late PM.

I have returned to v2.0.3 of Rev and the problem is gone. I can confirm 
that a distribution made in v2.0.3 also works properly.

Again, you won't see this unless you're running one of these Dells. 
I've filed a Bugzilla report (#794) but, unless, RunRev can get their 
hands on one of these Dell machines, I'm not sure how they experience 
it first-hand, much less fix it. I'll get the model #'s of the desktop 
units that have this problem. However, the problem seems to have its 
genesis in the 2.1 release as 2.0.3 seems to be okay.


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