scrolling groups and graphic border

Jacques.Hausser at Jacques.Hausser at
Fri Oct 17 16:52:07 EDT 2003

Hello and thanks, Thomas,

Like you, I was not on revolution when I discovered the list was back, so I rewrote my 
message from memory (not a very good one) and I was a bit sloppy. Scrolling deals 
with formattedwidth,  not mere width... and formattedwidth is read only. I put again 
my message with corrections:

I have a scrolling group of fields (say group A) with horizontal and vertical 
scrollbars, which scroll also (horizontally) a second group (B). Both groups are created 
by script, and have the same formattedwidth. But group A (with the scrollbar) can 
scroll left 16 pixels further away than group B. It seems that in the "opinion" of the 
scrollbar, the formattedwidth of group A is larger than in its actuel properties...

As a quick (and very dirty) solution, I added (still in the script) a 16 pixel wide 
rectangle to group B. Now my scroll is perfectly synchronized, but I met another
problem: impossible to get rid of the border of the rectangle. I tried to set
the borderWidth of the templateRectangle to 0, to set the bordercolor to the 
backgroundcolor, to hide the rectangle (in which case, the scrolling problem 
reappeared). I didn't find anything about that in Bugzilla (but I'm not very
skilled with its interface).

Any idea welcome (for both problems!)


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