target(), mouseControl(), etc. when mouse button is down

Martin Baxter martin at
Fri Oct 17 05:18:04 EDT 2003


Some variation of this script in your stack or card script might do what
you want. I find it works the same whether the mouse button is up or down.
I use a version of this as a development utility so I can get the name of
objects just by pointing at them, i.e. without recourse to the properties
palette. Hence the global to turn the behaviour on and off

on mouseenter
  global gdids
  if gdids is true then
    put the id of the target
  end if
end mouseenter

martin baxter

>>>Trevor De Vore wrote:
>>> In my tests the mouseMove handler will always return the target() or
>>> mouseControl() of the control the user clicked on rather than the
>>> control the mouse is currently over.  Is there something I am missing
>>> that will allow me to get the id of the control the mouse is over
>>> while
>>> the mouse button is being held down?

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