Several newbie questions & a documentation request

Ian Wood ian at
Fri Oct 17 03:38:56 EDT 2003

Hi Folks,

I am new to the list, having received Revolution 1.1.1 on a cover Cd 
and immediately realised that I can now make my AppleScript project 
into a cross-platform app!

Revolution 1.1.1 on OS X 10.2.1, 1GB RAM.

An application that opens a QTVR cubic pano, takes start and end points 
then produces a sequence of stills that can then be put together into 
video.  The main market is for putting pans onto DVDs, but i started 
doing this for a 'timelapse' project of my own.

Anyway, I downloaded the 24K message mbox & have been looking on there, 
but have problems I cannot find on it...

1) I am running an AppleScript to open an image sequence in QT Pro.  
The applescript is stored in a field, a replace is done on the 
variables and the "do theScript as AppleScript".  So far, so good.  
Except that Classic launches as the AppleScript tries to launch the OS 
9 version of QT.  Both from Script Editor and as a compiled script the 
script correctly launches QT in OS X.  Any ideas?

put the text of field "applescript 1" into theScript
   replace filePath with defaultFolder in theScript
   replace frameRate with frame_rate in theScript
   replace "/" with ":" in theScript --to get correct filepath breaks in 
   answer theScript
   do theScript as AppleScript

2) The app has three option menu buttons to set video size, frame rate 
and pan direction (l/r).  Is it just something in my coding (I tried to 
convert the info in the menu manager tutorial to the button) or are 
these always so slow to work?  On a PB 1GHz and a P4 1.5GHz it can take 
up to 15 seconds for each menu button to become active!

global gVar_dimensions

on menupick pWhich
   switch pWhich
     case "768x576-PAL square"
       answer "Use this option only when the movie will be seen on a Tv 
screen, you will need to export the movie at 720x576"
       case "720x576- DV-PAL"
         case "720x534-NTSC square"
           answer "Use this option only when the movie will be seen on a 
Tv screen, you will need to export the movie at 720x480"
           case "720x480- DV-NTSC"
             case "600x400"
               case "480x320"
                 case "320x240"
   end switch
   put pWhich into gVar_dimensions

   get gVar_dimensions
   if it = "768x576-PAL square" then
   set width of player 1 to 768
   set height of player 1 to 576
   set the top of player 1 to 0
   set the left of player 1 to 150
   set the hilitedButtonName of group "frame rate" to "25"
   set the menuHistory of button "frame rate" to 4

(then come all the other ifs)

end menuPick

Would it be better to do the if statements in a separate script?

3)  The 'New Developers' documentation needs a section on the 
differences between AppleScript and Transcript, if this has not already 
been added in 2.1!  All the time wasted until I discovered that 'put 20 
into variable' was the correct grammar, not 'set variable to 20' got 
irritating, especially as properties DO work in the 'set to' grammar.

4) I can't see from the website, do the new video capabilities of Rev 2 
include making video from image sequences?

5) Is it possible to export a snapsho directly to file?  I am currently 
importing the snapshot and then exporting it to JPEG, but of course 
this results in a huge amount of flicker and general nastiness as I am 
generating up to 1500 snapshots in a row.

   put the windowID of this stack into savedID
     import snapshot from rectangle 150,0,(width of player 1 + 
150),(height of player 1) of window savedID
     export JPEG to file file_name & ".jpg"
     delete last image

That's all for now!

Ian Wood
Panoramic photography, from web to billboard, sunrise to moonrise

P.S. An early beta can be found at

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