errorDialog - how reliable?

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Oct 8 23:47:01 EDT 2003

If anyone else is developing with exception handling (using the "throw" 
control structure) I will save you some serious grief- but maybe this 
is already common knowledge? Maybe a new bug in 2.1.1? errorDialog 
messages vanish if you are in the IDE in Script Debug Mode. 
Consequently if you are stepping through a script in the debugger, and 
an exception is thrown then a) the debugging session stops and b) the 
exception vanishes without a trace.

(bugzilla #780)

Can someone assuage my concerns there could be situations like this in 
the Rev engine for standalones- where errorDialog messages can vanish 
without a trace? I want my thrown exceptions to MAKE SOME NOISE. 
Without fail. I see the lockErrorDialogs property and it is set to 

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