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Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Oct 8 14:27:01 EDT 2003

Hi Stephen,

> Hi all,
> I just downloaded 2.1 and I'm adding a statement to the preopenstack 
> handler that checks for the version of Rev.
> If it is >= 2.1 then it sets the decorations to metal if < 2.1 it 
> leaves the decorations alone.
> here are the statements concerned
> on preOpenStack
> -- other stuff
>   if the version >= 2.1 then
>     set the metal of this stack to true
>   else
>   end if
> --other stuff	
> end preOpenStack
> So I add this to my stack save and relaunch and nothing happens?
> The statements look OK.  so I open the msgbox and type "put the 
> version" and hit OK and what yo my wondering eyes should appear but 
> 2.5.1???
> What gives? Is this the metacard version or what.  I thought that the 
> version function should give me the current Rev version number.
> Regards.
> Steve

"the version" returns the number of the current engine (which is MC 
indeed ;-) and
"revappversion" the number of the RR version, should be 2.1.1...

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
klaus at

Do you think checking "the version >= 2.1" is a good idea?
With version 2.1.1 you will get the error: Unquoted literal -> 2.1.1 ;-)

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