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Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Oct 8 17:10:00 EDT 2003

Recently, "Chipp Walters"  wrote:

> I've already bugzilla'ed this.
> Turns out if you're showing or hiding a group before doing the transition,
> then it breaks. You can show/hide controls all day long, but not groups.
> on mouseUp
> lock screen
> hide fld 1
> show fld 2
> unlock screen with visual dissolve
> end mouseUp

The above doesn't work for me on Win2K or XP.  The objects just appear or
hide without any transition.  We had a discussion similar to this recently,
and it does appear that hiding and showing objects is the problem, as Chipp
describes.  For me, doing this doesn't work:

 lock screen
 hide grc 1
 unlock screen with visual dissolve

But this (going to a new card) does:

 lock screen
 go cd 2
 unlock screen with visual dissolve

Maybe there's an issue with the syntax (other folks are having similar


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