Visual Effects in Windows

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Oct 8 16:46:01 EDT 2003

I've already bugzilla'ed this.

Turns out if you're showing or hiding a group before doing the transition,
then it breaks. You can show/hide controls all day long, but not groups.

on mouseUp
	lock screen
	hide fld 1
	show fld 2
	unlock screen with visual dissolve
end mouseUp

But, make each fld a grp and change the script:

on mouseUp
	lock screen
	hide grp 1
	show grp 2
	unlock screen with visual dissolve
end mouseUp

This doesn't work (as long as useQTEffects is true). It displays the hidden
grp *BEFORE* doing the dissolve.

Remember, if you've used QTeffects even once, you'll have to restart RR
because once instantiated, you can uninstatiate it. :-)


> > > A couple of my students have reported that visual effects aren't
> > > working in Rev 2.1 under Windows.
> > >
> > > Has anyone else experienced this?
> >
> > Yes. (most?) Visual effects are apparently broken on Windows
> > when using QuickTime, but if you set the dontUseQTEffects to
> > true upon opening your stack, the effects should work.  It
> > appears that QT effects are OK on MacOS.
> Really? I'm using visual effects with QuickTime on XP and they're
> working just fine (at least the small handful I tried including 'cross
> fade'). Can you give me an effect that doesn't work on your machine so I
> can test it on mine?
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