doc problems on Windows

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Oct 8 11:04:01 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at 08:22  AM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> I just wanted to see if anyone else is having problems with the
> documentation on Windows using 2.1.1 RC.  I've noticed in the 
> Transcript
> Dictionary that the Go Back and See Also menus do not work.  They seem 
> to be
> fine on the Mac.  Is anyone else seeing this?  If so, I'll bug report 
> it.
> If not, any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?

Yep, Chipp has bugzilla'd it. I also see the problem on Mac OS X, but 
only when in Mac OS Emulated look and feel, which is strange.

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