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Yes, this is something that I reported to Bugzilla (although it is under
a "window interleaving issue" - Bug #471), that is apparently fixed in

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> Hey,
> I am having what an unusual problem while using rev 1.1.1 on 
> Windows machines (I haven't tested this with 2.x). It can be 
> easily reproduced. The problem is that whenever I have 3 or 
> more modal dialogs on top of each other, after closing two of 
> them the Windows Explorer pops into the foreground!
> Let's say we have 4 stacks, named s1, s2, s3, s4. s1 has a 
> button on it to open s2 as modal. s2 has a button on it to 
> open s3 as modal. s3 has a button on it to open s4 as modal. 
> They all have "Close" buttons as well so that we can close 
> them once they have been opened as modal.
> If we click the button on s1, then s2, then s3, then s4, we 
> will have opened all 4 stacks, the top three being opened as 
> modal. This works as expected, but when we go to close the 
> stacks by hitting their close button the following happens: 
> s4 closes as expected, but when we click the close button for 
> s3, it closes, and the frontmost Windows Explorer window pops 
> into the foreground! On top of s2! Then when you bring s2 to 
> the foreground by clicking on it, and close it by clicking 
> its button, the explorer window is on top of s1! You have to 
> click on s1 in order for it to be brought back to the front.
> Whats with this?? Has anybody else had this problem? I can 
> get around it by putting a "go this stack" after the "go 
> stack sx as modal", but you can still see an ugly flicker 
> when the exporer window pops into the front for a split 
> second. Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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