Making Windows HtmlHelp API call

Trevor DeVore lists at
Tue Oct 7 19:32:23 EDT 2003


I am finishing an app (Windows only) which will be integrated with some 
other applications that are not made in Revolution.  The other 
applications all share the same help file and ideally my Revolution app 
will as well.  I was told that in order to do this I will need to make 
an API call to HtmlHelp:

HtmlHelp( hRevAppWindowHandle, "HelpFile.chm", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 
nJumpToTopic );

hRevAppWindowHandle = handle to the main window in Rev app.
"HelpFile.chm" = path to the help file.
HH_HELP_CONTEXT = defined as 0x000F in the htmlhelp.h file from the
Microsoft Platform SDK.  The HtmlHelp function does different things
depending on this argument.  This argument tells it to launch to a
particular page specified by the last argument.
nJumpToTopic = This is the ID of the topic you want to jump to.

Is this something I would have to have an external for if I wanted to 
do it in my Revolution app?

Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
trevor at

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