getting revXML to work in a standalone - how?

Terry Judd tsj at
Mon Oct 6 05:29:00 EDT 2003

On Monday, October 6, 2003, at 09:18 AM, Terry Judd wrote:

> Hmm - what am I missing?

What I was missing was the fact that the filename of a MacOS X app 
reports about three folders deeper than the package's location. It 
wasn't that the xmllib wasn't working, just that it couldn't find the 
required startup file. All is well now - I guess you only need to make 
that mistake the once.


>  I included the XML script library in the distribution builder prefs 
> but there's no XML action in my built application (OSX Rev 2.1). 
> Admittedly this is the first time I've built an app with the XML 
> library included (actually come to think of it this is the first time 
> I've actually used the distribution builder). Everything works fine in 
> the development environment.
> Any clues?
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