JDBC instead of ODBC

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Sat Oct 4 22:55:01 EDT 2003

> On Saturday, October 4, 2003, at 06:02  PM, Todd Geist wrote:
> > There is a FileMaker Pro plug-in which can connect to any database
> > that has
> > JDBC access.  I have used this plug-in to retrieve data from and edit
> > data
> > on Firebird, MySQL, and Postgres servers.  There was very little
> > difference
> > in the code, and it was very fast. (Why am I using FileMaker?  That's
> > another story).
> >
> > FileMaker's plug-in API is C/C++, not Java.  So the developers of the
> > plug-in had to write some kind of C/C++ wrapper around the java code.
> > I was
> > imagining that some clever Rev Nut could do the same thing for
> > Revolution.
> >
> > Maybe as others have pointed out there is no need.
> Todd, that's a new one one me!
> I'm all for any method to get the bountiful world of JDBC drivers can
> be opened up to us. Certainly better than dealing with ODBC, on Win32
> platforms.

This is a very interesting idea. Personally I'd go for expanding the
external API to include Java. JDBC would be an advantage considering there's
a JDBC dirver for almost every DB but think of the possibilities that RMI
would bring. We could all get fat writing Rev clients to J2EE systems ;-)



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