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Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Oct 5 07:56:00 EDT 2003

Hi all,

> Hi listers,
> has anyone successfully used e.g.:
> answer file "yadda" of type "JPEG"
> on OS X?
> Does not work, not ALL jpgs are shown in the open-dialog...
> Some are dimmed...
> Looks like the ones (coming from win or a digital camera!) without a 
> "filetype" are dimmed.
> Their last item is empty in the "long files"...
> Is it a bug?
> Is it already bugzilla'd?
> Are there (not too ugly ;-) workarounds?
> I reported this yesterday:
> [Bug 762] result is empty when setting the filename of an image to a 
> non-image file!
> So checking the result does not work in this context/case...

I found a workaround by myself, maybe its helpful to others, too...

Since the open dialog on OS X does not work as it should***, i needed a 
solution to
check for a valid image file (BMP,JPG,GIF and PNG) before setting the 
filename of
an image to that file after the user chose one...

(*** with "ask file "yadda" of type "JPEG" etc...
Not all files are accessible, some jpgs are dimmed...)

Otherwise you will end with anugly and empty image-object...

Anyway, here's my little function :-)

Works fine here with all my image files on OS X (X only!)

##function rrimage what
function rrbild was
   ### was = absolute path to the file...
   if there is not a file was then return false
   open file was for read
   read from file was for 15
   close file was
   if char 1 to 2 of it = "BM" then return true
   ### is a BMP file
   repeat for each item i in "GIF,JFIF,PNG"
     ### you guessed
     if i is in it then return true
   end repeat
   return false
end rrbild

(Takes about 1 to 20 millisecs :-)

And then i use it right after the user selected a file:

answer file ...
if rrbild(it) then set the filename of img ...

Have nice sunday...

Best from germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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