Some doubts 'bout Revolution

Stephen Quinn Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sun Oct 5 03:09:01 EDT 2003

I don't think that's what Júlio meant. I think he 
wants his app to *look like* aqua  when it runs 
in Windoze, not just in development.

I suppose one could create 'aqua like' graphic 
objects such as invisible buttons, but the 
scrollbars in fields would be a problem, not to 
mention menus. There also might be some 'look and 
feel' copyright issues with Apple, depending on 
how far one went.

Besides, it would probably be disconcerting for a 
Windoze user to see what he is not used to....

>At 10:44 PM -0300 10/4/2003, Júlio César Ködel wrote:
>>My question was: it is possible to make this "look and feel" of Classic
>>MacOS in a Rev. application running in Windows (i.e. I make a application,
>>that is distributed for Windows machines, and want to apply ClassicMacOS
>>style on it, as it is possible in the development stage)
>Set the lookAndFeel property to "Macintosh" to 
>get the Platinum appearance. (This is what the 
>menu item in the development environment does.)
>Jeanne DeVoto ~ jeanne at ~

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