Some doubts 'bout Revolution

Júlio César Ködel kodel at
Sat Oct 4 20:56:00 EDT 2003

> What's a "relat"?
Ops... It's a "report", he he he...
Well... Opening a local html file it's fine.
I don't know if is possible on all systems, but, in Windows, it's possible
to get a HTML Browser within a OLE Object. I know that Macitosh also have
OLE Objects support from Microsoft (and, if there is a IE for Macs, I think
it would be possible to make this trick on Mac), but I don't know about

> Classic, but not OS X.  That's the only one you can't at this time.  While
> the other OS appearances are emulated it would be way too much work to
> emulate Apple's Aqua Appearance Manager.
My question was: it is possible to make this "look and feel" of Classic
MacOS in a Rev. application running in Windows (i.e. I make a application,
that is distributed for Windows machines, and want to apply ClassicMacOS
style on it, as it is possible in the development stage)

Thanx for the help ;-)

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