JDBC instead of ODBC

Júlio César Ködel kodel at terra.com.br
Sat Oct 4 17:05:00 EDT 2003

I'm not suggesting nothing ;-) I was just saying that it's easier to work on
a native engine than support a Java ODBC engine ;-)
Therefore, Java it's NOT so good as it seems (especially on Windows XP).
And, other thing I said: I think it is more applicable we give the maximum
information we have instead of just ask for something... As those tools are,
almost always, open source. For example, my case (FireBird). I know that
there is a lot of drivers and libs that are open source... With this in
hands, it's a lot easier to devs to make something 'bout FB than just ask
for support to FB, don't you agree?


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> >>
> Easier than a ODBC/JDBC/whateverDBC engine is a custom engine for a
> specific
> database.
> <<
> Julio,
> If you are asking for native Rev drivers for Firebird (to go alongside the
> drivers that are provided for PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc), I suggested it to
> Runrev before, but have heard nothing for a year or so.
> If you are suggesting something else, I'm afraid I don't understand. Could
> you give more detail?
> Bernard
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