JDBC instead of ODBC

Bernard Devlin revolution at knowledgeworks.plus.com
Sat Oct 4 15:02:01 EDT 2003

>>But what about all those database engines that can use JDBC?

Todd, maybe you are thinking of things in the converse.  Are you seeing 
Rev stacks as databases, and asking for a JDBC driver so that people could 
connect to a stack from a Java application?  That is the only sense in 
which the databases you mention have JDBC drivers - so that Java 
applications can connect to them. 

Rev uses ODBC in the opposite way - that is, so that Rev _applications_ 
can connect to these _other_ databases.

The Rev drivers for Oracle, MySQL, Valentina etc. are the Rev equivalents 
of the JDBC drivers - drivers which enable an application to make direct 
(network) calls to a database (that may be local) from within the 

With the databases you cite, the JDBC drivers are provided (effectively) 
by the database providers to enable Java applications to communicate with 
their DB. 

As for Rev apps, there is only really three ways to interface with an 
external database:
1) the Runrev-supplied drivers
2) ODBC  (or maybe a JDBC-ODBC bridge, although usually they are the other 
way round)
3) Shelling out to a command line SQL processor

I expect some more imaginative individual may come up with others....


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