Do Proxies Interfere With Sockets? [RevNet?]

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Oct 3 23:01:01 EDT 2003

There are many different kinds of Proxy servers, and many different
authentication schemes. At some point, RR will want to support as many
different authentication schemes as possible -- though it may take a bit of
'expert' programming.

Altuit, and Daniels-Mara are hoping to work on this problem in the near
future, as we have several enterprise products which need to work through
different proxy servers. If anyone has a desire to help, or share any
existing solutions, please email me offlist and I'll try and setup a website
with status (and hopefully some beta code) of some preliminary solutions.
IMHO, I think this all needs to be integrated with libURL.

It may also be necessary to create some custom externals in order to handle
some of the more difficult authentication schemes (such as MS
challenge/response), though I'm not an expert on this.



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