Sculley on lost opportunity with HyperCard

Richard K. Herz herz at
Fri Oct 3 12:53:00 EDT 2003

Interesting comment from John Scully on lost opportunity with HyperCard at

Interview with John Sculley, former CEO of Apple Computer, October 2, 2003,
4:00 AM PDT, By Dawn Kawamoto, Staff Writer, CNET

Any missed opportunities that you wish you could do over?

As I look back on things that I wished we would have done differently when I
was at Apple, I think one of the biggest missed opportunities, and it was on
my watch, so I feel responsible and disappointed that we didn't do more with
it, was Hypercard. It was created back in 1987 by Bill Atkinson, Apple's
first software programmer. We could never figure out exactly what it was...

We weren't insightful enough to recognize that what we had inside of
Hypercard, essentially, was everything that later was developed so
successfully by Tim Berners-Lee with HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)...

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