'bout Revolution and FireBird]

Júlio César Ködel kodel at terra.com.br
Fri Oct 3 11:28:01 EDT 2003

I get it!
The database name CONTAINS the hostname =\

This works with 2 ODBC drivers that I get... Only in the second driver there
was a minimal tip of achieving this... People are a little lazy 'bout
documentation =(

Thanx for the help of all of you, now I can start to program with Revolution
(and fill this list with doubts, he he he)...


For those who want to use FireBird and have the same problem o'mine:

Use any ODBC driver for FB (I recommend IBOLEDB, which is easier to install
and faster to connect), then, when creating a DSN, put the hostname before
the path:


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> Julio,
> >>
> In ODBC with DSN, I can't declare host, thus, only local databases can be
> used =(
> <<
> I have connected Windows clients to remote Firebird databases via ODBC.
> Can you provide me with
> - the server name where your remote Firebird db is located
> - the port being used (if other than that used with the default Firebird
> install)
> - the path to the database on the server.
> Which ODBC driver are you using?  Can you send me a screenshot of what you
> are seeing?
> Please send me this off-list to revolution at knowledgeworks.plus.com  -- I
> will post my response back to the list for you and any other interested
> party.
> Regards,
> Bernard
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