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Fri Oct 3 10:39:01 EDT 2003

On Friday, October 3, 2003, at 07:37  AM, Júlio César Ködel wrote:

> That's the point... I didn't found this option... It only permits 
> create DSN
> for local databases =(
> In VB, we use connection string, not DSN... I know it's not a 
> Revolution
> issue, but could you give-me more information about remote databases 
> and
> DSNs? (I will not program for Macs, only for IBM, in both Microsoft 
> and *nix
> plataforms).

In Windows 2000:
Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC) | User DSN 
or System DSN | Add | Select Driver | (now what you see depends on 
which driver selected)

If the ODBC driver supports remote databases, then you will see a 
"server" or "hostname" field to type into. Not being a firebird user I 
can't give any more details than that.

For Unix you will have to either compile everything- or download the 
commercial drivers from IODBC. I've never used IODBC on Unix- it's 
always seemed too complicated to bother with, when native drivers are 
also available for most databases.

> Indeed, there is a ODBC driver for FireBird, and works fine, but, as I 
> said,
> VB works with connection string (which gives me possibilities to 
> declare
> provider (FireBird ODBC), host, database (in host), username and 
> password.
> In ODBC with DSN, I can't declare host, thus, only local databases can 
> be
> used =(

There must be more than one ODBC driver for Firebird then. Maybe you 
don't have the client-server ODBC driver? There are two different 
firebird versions right- single user and multi-user? Maybe you have the 
single-user ODBC driver. Just a guess.

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