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Thu Oct 2 19:12:00 EDT 2003

From: Wilhelm Sanke <sanke at>
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Subject: Unstuffing Preceptor Tools
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Sorry you are having problems with windows.  I haven't tested 
preceptorTools to any degree with Windows so I am not surprised that it 
is acting up. I hope to test this more thoroughly in the Windows 
environment shortly.

In the meantime any experiences like you are having are very useful to 
me from a debugging standpoint.
Thanks for your feedback.



> Has anybody managed to get Preceptor Tools running on Windows?
> I unstuffed Preceptor Tools on MacOS 10.2.6 and everything - as far as 
> I
> got - worked fine.
> Then I transferred the files to my PC , put the PTPalette into the
> plug-ins folder where it belonged, and started PT. First thing I
> noticed: When PT starts, the PTPalette will not show, only after the PT
> Tutorial is loaded does the Palette appear.
> Clicking at the Object Toolkit button of the PT Palette the 
> "quizObjects
> Toolkit" appears, and here is where the trouble begins with error
> messages of various kinds:
> If I move the mousecursor into the area of the "quizObjects Toolkit" I
> get the following error message
> Type if: missing 'then'
> Object MCGrp•
> Line if the name of btn id 1339  "mcDemo•" then send mcBGOReset to cd
> "buttonQuiz" -- prevents demo bGO from being left in a configured state
> when the setup grp is hidden.
> Hint
> The problem is the "square" character after "ID 1339" which should be 
> an
> "unequal" operator in the script. I checked the same script line in the
> Mac version of PT, there is an "unequal" char - written by ALT + 0  and
> looking like a crossed "=" character.
> Clicking at any of the buttons of the quizObjects Toolkit results in
> nothing but more error messages.
> As apparently the problems had to do with the different appearance of
> the script characters on MacOS and Windows I unzipped the zip-version 
> of
> the Preceptor Tools on the PC.
> After unzipping, two of the components appeared as
> "revPTPalette.rev.bin" and "PreceptorTools.rev.bin", so I had to resort
> to my Mac to unstuff the two bin-files.
> Putting the extracted files back on the PC produced the same described
> results.
> I have never before seen such problems of incompatibility of Mac and
> Windows scripts, there were only compatibility problems of field texts
> and texts in custom properties.
> Am I missing something or is the zipped version of Preceptor Tools
> somehow corrupt? What about the script compatibility issue between 
> MacOS
> and Windows?
> Regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke

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