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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Oct 2 12:38:01 EDT 2003

Graham Samuel wrote:

> Thanks very much for the ref Richard, it does look comprehensible at
> first glance - I guess I will have to wade in... but it does rather
> let down the charm of RunRev.

I don't see why that must be the case.  As a SuperCard user who's built
standalones under Classic you've had to deal with ResEdit, modifying 'BNDL'
resources and other arcana.  With OS X the steps are nearly the same but can
be done with any text editor instead of a specialized geek tool.

And while there may be some elements of OS X builds that Rev has not yet
fully automated, for many standalones it does an adequate job with no manual
plist editing at all.

The biggest problem when migrating from other tools is that in most cases
it's been so long since that tool was learned that the steep curve has long
since been forgotten, being mistakenly remembered as "inuitive".  Very
little about building applications is truly intuitive with any tool, since
the art of developing software involves stepping behind the curtain to see
how the magic's done.  Rev does as least as good a job as anything before
it, and arguably more so in many cases.  Think back to the first time you
booted ResEdit....

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