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Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Thu Oct 2 03:36:01 EDT 2003

> The reason I hope Rev gets antialiased graphics one day, is so games
> like this will be possible in Rev. Although I can only hope to one day
> be such a good graphic artist as Ferry Halim.

Not OT at all.  If you keep your sprite images pretty small (as is done on
the Flash site you mentioned), you can do pretty well with Rev in its
current state.  PNGs and GIFs, as well as draw graphics, will work fine.

Before Rev even existed I did some game experiments in MetaCard that moved 9
to 12 *image* (not vector) sprites simultaneously and pretty smoothly on a
card.  Another experiment moved around 40 animated GIF objects
simultaneously on a card while also playing their animations --
interestingly, this worked fine on Macs and Win2K/XP but blew gaskets on
Win98.  A fast video card seems to be key here, more so than processor

Rev also seems to bog down when calculating translucency.  Anything that has
varying degrees of transparency can make movement slow down, so while it
will be great when Rev gets antialiased vectors, they're not going to be
much use for games unless the transparency calculations can be speeded up.

Geoff Canyon has also done some phenomenal (and I do mean phenomenal) game
stuff with vectors.  I'm hoping he'll post his experiments and formulas



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