Off Topic! Auto-opening scocket

Stephen Quinn Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Wed Oct 1 17:00:02 EDT 2003

Could be spyware, but most don't bother with Macs.
Could it be the auto-time setting, or perhaps "software update" checking in?

and of course Adobe and M$ products 'check in with headquarters' 
sometimes, but you said those were not running.

>I have a poltergeist or gremlin running my Mac (MOS 9.9.2).
>I have DSL with SBC and I always close the DSL when I go off-line. 
>Since yesterday afternoon, something is opening a socket to my 
>server. Every 15 minutes, a socket is opened to SBC.
>At first I thought it was errant script dribbled into the stack I 
>was working on or into the home stack. Today, I closed all apps 
>except Launcher and Stickies and the dohicky strip at the bottom. At 
>precisely 12:45 the socket opened. Every 15 minutes it opened again!
>I cleared all the cookies. I just check the cookie jar and appears 
>normal except for a site called ""
>Anyone got an inkling what's happening?
>Ray G. Miller

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