Running Standalones from the windows desktop

Stephen King st.king42 at
Wed Oct 1 16:27:00 EDT 2003

Hi All,

I have a standalone that my installer places in c:\program files\app_name
and also places a shortcut on the windows desktop.

On first run, this app then copies or creates an ini and a datafile into its
working directory (c:\program files\app_name). However, it doesn't.

If run from the desktop, saving files simply as filename without path saves
to the desktop, not to the working directory. Rev seems to know this and
works happliy with these files on the desktop, but of course this is not
what was intended and is rather messy. Running from the working directory
saves these files in the working directory.

Is there a way that Rev can pick up the real working directory rather than
the desktop? (user has option to change the working directory on

Any help appreciated.
Steve King

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