character sets- missing feature?

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Oct 1 14:44:03 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 12:33  PM, Tuviah Snyder wrote:

> When you say Polish it maps to central european. Just like saying 
> japanese
> maps to shift-JIS with uniencode.

Aha! OK I'm starting to get it. uniEncode is a lot more powerful than I 
thought. So we've got:

ANSI => ISO-8859
Polish => ISO-8859-2

But where can I learn about all the other ISO character set mappings 
that uniEncode offers? The "language" parameter of uniEncode is kind of 

For instance the open file dialog in offers 4 different 
encodings for "Arabic", 3 different encodings for "Thai", 4 different 
encodings for "Greek", and so on.

Supposing all I know is the ISO-xxxx-x code, and I want to be able to 
display it as unicodeText property, I'm not sure it's possible with the 
uniEncode function.

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