Saving Preferences

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Oct 1 01:33:00 EDT 2003

> > Read in from an external file on startup; if the file 
> doesn't exist, 
> > default prefs are applied inside the program an a new prefs 
> file with 
> > the defaults is written out to disk. This way, if someone wants to 
> > reset their prefs to the defaults, all they need to do is 
> throw away 
> > the prefs file.
> ----------
> Why throw away? Seems more laborious than just having a 
> permanent Prefs substack (which would become its own Prefs 
> file when building for distr., right?). 

True, but having it in an external file means that it is in a
user-readable form that can be modified externally by other programs or
by administrators without opening the stack each time. A lot of it
depends on who the application is going to (i.e. what market). 

Also, I haven't quite understood the advantage of developing with a
substack of a mainstack and then at the last minute breaking it out into
a separate stack... I would think that if I really wanted a substack to
be separate file, I would have started with it that way...

Can someone enlighten me?

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