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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Tue May 27 13:51:13 EDT 2003

Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote

> > Is there another function or way to determine the "effective" topstack
> > irrespective of the mode the stack has?
> get the windows
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Thanks for your response, Richard, but I had already tried that function
and mentioned it in my post in the paragraph about workarounds.

"Jeanne A. E. DeVoto" <jeanne at runrev.com> wrote:

> Here's a function:
>   function activeWindow
>     -- excludes modal dialogs, palettes, menus
>     repeat for each line thisWindow in the openStacks
>       if the mode of stack thisWindow < 4 then return thisWindow
>     end repeat
>    return empty
>   end activeWindow
> The windows function (aka the openStacks function) is documented in the
> Transcript dictionary.
Thanks, too, for your response and the alternate function script.

I see now that there is  no direct function like the "topstack", but
that we have to script a filtering function as I had indicated  for my

On closer inspection (mea culpa, one should look harder and not be too
rash) I find that the "windows" function is indeed explained in the
Transcript Dictionary although not as a separate entry, but as an
unobtrusive synonym in the "openstacks" entry.-

The "openstacks", "the stacks", and "the windows" functions,
unfortunately, *sometimes* produce what I called "unexpected behavior"
in one of my stacks. This was the reason why  I was looking for another,
but "clean" function to get the "effective topstack".

I am not saying that these functions cause this unexpected behavior, but
they surely contribute to it in the context of my stack and presumably
only on Windows.

Apart from what I already mentioned - modal dialogs not immediately
closing despite an following "wait x milliseconds" line - parts of the
stack suddenly become transparent for a moment. I am trying find out
what coincidences may cause this behavior.

I remember someone mentioned this "partial transparency" of a stack
caused by the hyperlink style recently, either on this or the Metacard


Wilhelm Sanke

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