Dbase Queries-where does the connection/query data live?

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at castandcrew.com
Mon May 19 18:18:02 EDT 2003

| Thanks to Jan...

| But, they don't work here... I am not sure where the query data (which 
| includes connection details: url, user, password)   entered into the 
| (snip) ...
 I don't see 
| any query in your stack.
| I believe this is a distribution issue.  But their may be more to it 
| and I am posting this to the use-revolution list.


Before I try sending something else, look under the tools menu for the
data base query builder, that is where the SQL's are at.  And the
connection to the DB.  For the point and click built one.

Maybe that didn't come across?  If not yes I will try the build thing
if I can figure it out ..  remember I'm building on Windows and you
are on the Mac so .. never tried that.

What I would suggest though is take a look at the scripted version.
You should be able to run that one.  All the db connections and pretty
much everything is all in the stack script.

I should also try the whole thing from work, I was doing it at home
and it's possible that being on a LAN masked some problem I would see
when doing it remotely.

Aum Aum

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