Bug in setting HTTP Proxy in preferences in 2.0r1

Phil Jimmieson P.Jimmieson at csc.liv.ac.uk
Thu May 15 04:52:02 EDT 2003

Hi folks,
I've finally gotten around to trying out RR2 under Mac OSX, and it's 
looking good, but I've spotted a slight niggle which existed in 1.1.1 
and is still here in 2.0r1 in the preferences window. I can't seem to 
permanently set up an HTTP proxy - shouldn't this be as simple as 
just typing it in the box? When I do this, close the preferences 
window and then re-open it again, the preference for an HTTP proxy 
doesn't contain my setting anymore. I can do it by using the message 
box to edit the global httpProxy, but this shouldn't be necessary, 

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