[OT] Quicktime in Windows apps

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue May 13 02:41:02 EDT 2003

Graham Samuel wrote:

> I guess this is a bit OT, but it must be relevant to RR developers. I
> have some apps that originated in the Mac environment, where they
> happily used QuickTime movies. Now that I'm revising these and making
> them cross-platform (using Runtime Revolution, of course!), I have
> all along assumed that I would continue to use QT. However, my
> publisher is querying this, saying that the customers (schools, the
> smallest of which do not have dedicated IT people and may also not
> have broadband internet access) may be confused by the requirement
> for QT on Windows machines and will thus find the apps unusable. This
> is not welcome to me, partly because I know nothing about the Windows
> 'equivalent' to QT, and partly because RR seems much happier with QT
> movies than other kinds, particularly if one wants to do tricky
> things like play the movies at different speeds etc.
> Has any other lister come across this dilemma, and if so how did they solve
> it?

We just put it on the CD:


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