Way to send raw HTML to browser from Rev?

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at btclick.com
Mon May 12 16:15:02 EDT 2003

This kind of answers your previous question about the Rev toolbar and IE.
The idea is to have a Rev app which listens on a given port eg 8181. A link
in a web page passes parameters to the Rev app. EVERY (unless anyone can
tell me differently) computer has an IP address of So a query to
"$msg$$=DoIt" (syntax based on the Metacard mchttpd
web server stack) would pass the message DoIt (which could be 'trapped') to
the Rev app on the Clients machine. A mix of requests to port 8181 (the
client machine) and port 80 (the web) and a bit of Javascript produces a
pretty nifty solution.

To answer your question the Rev app could create HTML 'on the fly' and
return the page based on passed parameters directly to the clients browser
(and even mixed with content from the web). If this 'page' contains
Javascript then the position and style of the browser can also be

Hope this gives you some ideas.


Gary Rathbone

PS. Just for the record the listmom (Hi Heather!) likes us to email in plain

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Is there a way to tell Internet Explorer to display html data without having
to point to an html file on the web or the user's hard-drive?

For instance, if I have a Rev application that needs to dynamically generate
HTML data and pass it to IE, I'm curious if I need to go through the process
of writing the html data to the user's hard-drive and then pointing IE to
that new html file, or if there's some way I can force-feed the html content
right into the browser and avoid the whole file-creation process.

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