Has that company created embedded browser yet?

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at btconnect.com
Mon May 12 03:23:01 EDT 2003

Take a look at


I'm sure Chip will provide further information.


Does the browser have to be embedded ? For web hybrid projects I use a Rev
'Toolbar' and the default browser on the client.




Gary Rathbone


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A couple of months ago, there was a company that posted something about
creating a browser that could be embedded into a Revolution card.
(Embedding IE, I believe).  Has anyone heard if it's anywhere near
completed?  I've got a client that would pay me big bucks if I could create
an application that does it (particularly if it's cross-platform).
Presently, Mac OS X is most critical.  I'm sure it must be difficult, as
Macromedia Director still doesn't have an embedded IE for Mac XTRA, and it's
been out for years.

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