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Devin Asay devin_asay at
Thu Mar 20 10:54:02 EST 2003

Okay, I've done some more experimenting, and it appears as though the 
shutdownRequest message IS getting sent when I invoke the quit message 
in my standalone app (Mac OS X). Apparently what had been happening was 
that an unrelated command in the shutdown sequence was failing, which 
in effect aborted the whole shutdownRequest handler. Now, being an old 
HyperCarder, I expect the standalone to complain loudly and cryptically 
that something failed. However, in Revolution, outside of the 
development environment there is no error reporting, so what happened 
instead was...nothing. After I went back into the development 
environment and tracked down a sneaky bug, then re-compiled everything 
started working as advertised.

Now--and this is the origin of my bug--why is it I can't refer to a 
group in a stack script handler without specifying a card in connection 
with the group? Surely the stack knows about all of its groups. But if 
I try to refer to a group from the shutdownRequest handler, which is in 
the stack script, it works IF I happen to be on a card that has that 
group placed on it. However, if I am on a card that does not have that 
group placed on it when the handler is invoked, the reference to the 
group fails. Solution: always include a card in the group reference; 
i.e., show group "navBtns" of card "menu" instead of plain old show 
group "navBtns".

Devin Asay
Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
Brigham Young University

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