Ironic [was: Supercard vs. Rev]

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Mar 14 23:32:01 EST 2003

Roger Kenyon wrote:

> Now tune in on the discussion at
> and read through the thread "This will probably be unpopular, but..."
> Discomfort with "Java-lite syntax" raises the specter of VBscript, before
> winding around to x-talk (specifically Revolution).
> There is collective shrug from the creator of Konfabulator that, er, well,
> we used JavaScript because it is the scripting language used by Adobe and
> Macromedia so it should be easier for designer-types.
> Another missed opportunity!

:: sigh ::

That's an interesting thread there.  Thanks for posting that.

Who's the poster there under the screen name "Noreen"?  I don't recall her
here, but she seemed very enthusiastic about Rev.  It's nice to se the word

> (Move over for a moment, Rich. Rev. Rog is about to take the pulpit.)
> If x-talk can be integrated with HTML (HTML + CSS + x-talk) and people can
> come to think outside the browser (nod to Richard), then the plain-language
> revolution (!) can flourish.

Amen, Brother Roger.  Testify!

We're partway there with Rev's htmlText and url handling, but there's a ways
to go.  CSS is a bear to get out of Rev, and harder still to put in.

But with XML libraries, built-in CDATA (ISO 8859-1 translation), libURL, and
built-in gzip, there are many, many avenues waiting to be explored even

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