Menu manager/switch problem

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Wed Mar 12 17:24:01 EST 2003

At 7:29 AM -0800 3/12/03, Ken Norris wrote:
>Well, the Menu Manger tutorial _says_ it's supposed to be the last item of
>the Help menu, which is where I put it. The shift it made to the Apple menu
>was totally unexpected and not mentioned or explained in any way. How on
>earth will we know if and when the engine does things like that if it isn't
>made obvious in the docs?

Page 8 of the Menu Manager tutorial says:

"The File menu contains a Quit item, and the Help menu contains Help and
About, as well as a menu divider line. We'll leave these menu items as they
are. (On Mac OS systems, the last item in the Help menu is actually
displayed as the first item in the Apple menu.)"

This behavior and the reason for it are also discussed at some length in
"About menus and the menu bar".

Now, short of creating a special "neon" text style for the docs, tailored
to each reader (which I'm starting to think I'm going to have to do.... ;-)

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