Inverse-colored custom cursor shows up...

Scott Rossi scott at
Sat Mar 8 11:34:03 EST 2003

>> When I try to use a custom cursor by setting it to a specific
>> image ID, the cursor shows up as an inversed version of the
>> image (which itself looks fine). With the cursor, black shows
>> up instead of white and vice versa.
>> The image had been imported into the stack via a PNG file
>> that contains black, white and transparent pixels.
>> How do I get the cursor to show up as an exact replica of the image?

> The best way (albeit a bit awkward) is to use Rev's own image editing
> tools on a 16x16 image. The reason is that cursors need to be 3 colors
> (black, white and the transparent color) and this is a real problem for
> most editing programs (they like to do B/W or 4 color, but 3 color with
> transparency is difficult).

I thought there was a suggestion posted a while back that mentioned the
option of creating the image in an image editor, importing it into Rev/MC,
and then clicking the image with the paint tool?  Supposedly this action
forces the image to be Rev/MC "compliant" and then will work properly.


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