Inverse-colored custom cursor shows up...

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The best way (albeit a bit awkward) is to use Rev's own image editing
tools on a 16x16 image. The reason is that cursors need to be 3 colors
(black, white and the transparent color) and this is a real problem for
most editing programs (they like to do B/W or 4 color, but 3 color with
transparency is difficult). I've been able to create cursors outside of
Rev, but they show up properly in OS 9, Windows and OS 10.1.5, but show
up inverted in 10.2 or later. I'm in discussions with Scott Raney to see
if there's some way to get a recipe for doing this outside of the MC/Rev
environment, but so far the best suggestion is to do it in Rev. Don't
forget that if you Command-click (control-click in Windows) with the
pencil tool, you get a magnify window that you can do pixel editing in.

When I have a definitive answer, I'll post it to my site as a Tip and
let the list know.

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> Hi all,
> When I try to use a custom cursor by setting it to a specific 
> image ID, the cursor shows up as an inversed version of the 
> image (which itself looks fine). With the cursor, black shows 
> up instead of white and vice versa.
> The image had been imported into the stack via a PNG file 
> that contains black, white and transparent pixels.
> How do I get the cursor to show up as an exact replica of the image?
> Valetia
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